Texturing ScFi High Scale Building


Hi everyone,
I have an idea on how to approach it, but can’t see to get it right.
Does anyone know good tutorials on how to make its scale successful, so it apprears to be really huge without having horrible tiling?

Thanks in advance.




Thank you for that, it seems quite a significant workflow. You can’t get more explicit about the subject matter I think. I hope I’ll have time and understanding ti apply it.


which software/render engine are you using?


I don’t know if this is helpful or not, but:

You could install Google Earth and use Streetview and then File->Save ->Save Image, to grab images of buildings of interest which would form the basis of future textures.

Modern cities such as Chicago could help, although a lot of the more modern buildings are virtually texture free on account of their exteriors being mainly composed of multicoloured glass.


here is a good article about the texturing workflow on Bladerunner done by Framestore.


Sorry for the late reply,
First of all thank you everyone for this, really useful.

I’m using max and redshift. Forest pack may be useful here?

I’ll check google earth and framestore stuff, very interesting.