Texturing: PS to LW


Hello, texturing has always been my Achilles heel. With that in mind, I’ve created a biped model using LW 2020 running on a Mac OS Catalina. Instead of creating the UVs for this model in LW, I used a third party software (headus UVLayout) by exporting it out of LW as an OBJ then loading it into Headus UVLayout where I dissected and flattened all the UV maps with minimal distortion upon testing. From there. I’ll be taking that UVMap as an OBJ into Photoshop CS6 to create the final textures.

This is where all the confusion begins for me. The problem I’m having is importing this finalized textured uvmap back into LW and applying it to my biped model.

How exactly do I load it back into LW and apply the texture to my human model?
Do I load it into Layout or Modeler?
Once loaded into LW, what is the process I need to follow for successful application of the texture on to my model?