Texturing issues


Hi everyone,

I’m a student and i’m working on the textures of one of my Charachter for a future animation. I’m working with Maya 2017 (Arnold), ZBrush (highpoly and all textures), Xnormals (fixing bump map)

I’ve created the normal map in Xnormals using the lowpoly model of maya (for animation) and the high poly model from ZBrush as a bases. My issues comes when i apply the normal map and the displacement map. I’m requesting some advices to fix these or if there is an another way to work on these textures.

First issues with normal map, when setting up the bump map on the material on tangent space normals:

tangent space viewport

While in object mode it works just fine. But the results isn’t really the same…

Do you have some advices for this? Its quite new for me so i’m trying to understand it.

Now the worst on the displacement map:

I’m scaling down the value, but at the end it has no real effect at all when too low. The displacement map should be wrong, but i don’t know what is wrong on it.

These are my issues, hoping you can help my and thanks for your patience and your help.