Texturing In 3D Programs


My question is about seams. As of my underestanding if you are going to texture in a 3d program then you just need unwraped UVs even if they are divided in 1000 islands it doesn’t matter.

Is it true? I see some people still care about seams even if they are texturing in a 3d program.
Because i want to split a human’s body UVs in half and use the 2nd UV patch for more resolution.


yes shells doesnt matter for the diffuse texture… but it could lead into troubles if you use displacement maps…

and its important to have less shells for game engines…


Why cause trouble for displacement maps?
Btw I’m not working for games


you get often artefacts on uv seams on dispmaps if geo is to low or the subD uv smoothing is not in syn the the renderer…


A lot of times, you will find it easier to paint it in 2d mode (over the UVS) for some things. Thus its helpful to maintain logical UVs and seams. If you’re using UDIMS, its also helpful to organize UVs by materials so you can quickly select and paint objects/ faces that have the same material.

I’ve done this many times for Mari and I’ve appreciated spending a little extra time on UVs as it makes painting that much easier.