Texturing help : stadium ground


Hi, my name is tagore.
rightnow iam working on a project in which I have to texture a baseball stadium, and which I hav no better ideas to make it. Plz suggest me any :

  1. techniques to texture such a big objects like the stadium ground.
  2. is there any procedural aproach for texturing of such kind .
  3. or texture maps will do. if maps can be used what should be the resolution ?


Did you already model the baseball stadium? Your approach to the texturing depends a lot on what kind of model you have.


what’s the intended media to display the artwork?
Is it for print? film? web?


thankyou verymuch for the reply, Pierre.

My model is’nt ready yet. and is in beginning stage. I’ve modeled a cricket ground in my last project using 3DSMax, but the texture was not good for the ground.

This time the project is going to be done in MAYA.only thing I worry about is the ground textures.
So, can u plz suggest any tip or a tutorial ??


tht is for a TV series, which is in a beginning stage.


I’m speculating that the reason your previous texture didn’t work so well was due to resolution. Work at roughly the largest size that a given portion of the texture will be seen on screen. If you have a baseball field and you know that at a given time the mound will cover most of the screen then you need to make sure that you have enough resolution for the mound to hold up in a close up.

You can also use multiple maps and swap them out as needed for specific shots.

You can also use the .map format if you are using Mental Ray in Maya which allows you to use really hi-res images (larger than 4096)

The first step is to determine what kind of shots are in the movie in order to determine the most adequate resolution.

btw, there is no reason why you could make your textures with procedurals or a mix of procedurals and bitmaps. Just make sure that you build a shader with enough variation in the procedurals textures to make them look natural and not so computer generated.
Heck you can even make the lawnmower pattern seen in baseball fields if you want to with some procedurals.


hey Snows… thanq very much for tht… I’ll try wat u said and tell/show u the result soon


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