texturing fractures


Whats the best way to texture a fractured object and all its fractured pieces? What do people normally do when they’ve got 50-100+ fractures?



Try Blascode http://www.blastcode.com/


A little pricey…any other ideas?


Shit BlastCode…Not good @ all


I dont know which other plugins does but with Pulldownit the texture coords are preserved after shattering, in addition it creates a new material for the cutted faces.




Ooooh what a tease! Im on a mac…so no pulldownit for me. :frowning:


Ah, Mike, Ididnt aware it were you, just tell me your email in a private message and I will send you the first beta for Mac as soon as it is ready



Thanks! Just sent you that message. Look forward to hearing back from you.

If anyone’s got any other ideas in the meantime, please let me know!


My Fracture script now will map the faces that have been cut when using the polycut option. If you use the boolean option then it will map the faces from the plane that is booleaned out.

It also now will assign a Red shader to the cut faces in the polycut option. If you use the Boolean option then it will assign it Lambert1… For some reason maya will crash if i try to assign a shader to a boolean operation.



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