Texturing Faces...


When texturing a specific area of an object by selecting the faces of that area, do I need to re-select each face again after importing the texture in order to assign it?

These are the steps I’ve been following:

  1. Select Faces I want to texture
  2. Apply a projection
  3. Go to UV Texture Editor > Export Texture as image file
  4. Edit texture in third party app
  5. Now when I bring the texture back in to apply it…I seem to have to reselect the same pattern of faces.

Am I doing something wrong here or is this really how everyone does it?

Please help!

Thank you :cry:


there is no “how everyone does it” here, i think.

generally you go best by not assigning a different material to faces of a polymesh, at least not, if you keep it in maya for rendering stuff and so.
if you are going to export for a game-engine, thats different then.

but, yes, you have to reselect… or assign your desired material to your selected faces, bevore doing the projection, or keep your selection in a selection set, or reselect them in your UV-Texture Editor, if thats easier, or, if you are heading for rendering, create a new UV-Set for your Faces and blend your textures with a BlendColors Node, using the same material for the whole object, or extract your faces and assign another material to your new separated object.

yeah, so… many ways to go for it


To make this a bit clear - you don’t assign a texture to faces or anything else but to a material attribute like color for example. Then the texture will apear on the faces with this material. The way the texture appears depends on the layout of the UVs of these faces and the texture attributes.


Thanks for the feedback! Good to know I’m somewhat doing it correctly…


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