Textures...Taken from photos or painted from scratch??


Do you guys think that these textures are painted solely from scratch in Photoshop, or do you think they are taken from photos and then edited further? I’ve tried to make textures like this before, but I just can’t get them to look realistic at ALL! I have GIMP, so would Photoshop make it easier to accomplish an effect like this? (Credit for the textures goes to Javier Rollon)


There are definitely photos in there.


I’ve looked for photos of these parts before, but I can’t find any. Everything on there looks just like it was taken from a photo. I mean, I can understand how you could get a picture of the tail of an airplane, cut it out and put it on there, but other pieces like the under and upper halves of the wings aren’t usually show in photographs. (That clearly anyway.) There has to be an explanation as to how those are so awesome…


There has to be an explanation as to how those are so awesome…
Lots of work and experience. And mojo.


The one you posted only looked ok to me… Hard to tell without seeing them on actual model. Anyway, if you want to see truly amazing textures, head over to polycount and you’ll see a ton.


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