textures doesn't stick to geometry!!??


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today when i rendered out a small clip (a dalmatian doggy(a A|W frebee) I did a run cycle on), surprisingly the textures didn’t stick to geometry when rendered to bitmap, sticks in wievport though, whats going wrong? is there some render options that does this? I mean what you see in viewport should be what end up on render, no?


it’s probably a texture projection. even 3D or 2D. if the texture projection is not connected to the movement of the surface, you get such strange result.

look for the shader of the dog and watch out for a projection. if you found one, parent it to the dog. you can even search in the outliner for texture nodes.


You have two options. Either create a texture reference object or convert the texture into a file. Unless the model is subD. Then you can only convert the texture to a file.

I would give better details but I’m away from maya right now. Just look this up in the documents.

What is the texture that you have assigned to the model?

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Thanks svenip & empleh,

texture reference object worked fine, I can’t for my life see why the viewport hardware render is/have to be different from the software render, really confused my for a while, maybe I have some graphics card problem to sort out, cheers,


check to see if there is a explicit or an implicit texturing option anywhere. it may seem that your hardware uses one and the software uses another.


if you have complex shading networks it would take too long to calculate what your texture would look while playing it back, so maya soes not chage it. those effects can only be done in rendertime…
never trust what maya shows you in the hardware view… (ok… if you just map a file node with nothing else it should be ok)
if your shader networks get more complex use ipr to tune the textures… that really works well…
before you start IPR assign a lambert to the object that has a transparency and when rendering in IPR is done assign your real shader… that saves a lot of time when it gets more complex




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