Textures collection


I start a textures collection,

so far there’s 84 hi res images (2016 X 1512), mostly metal, but more will be add later.

all the images are free as long they are use for your work. You are not allow to sell or redistribute them without asking me first. :deal:

Most of them were taken from canadian military vehicle or equipment. If you have any suggestion or request, let me know. I’ll be happy to help you.

Here’s the link : 859 STUDIO

Let me know what you think

If the link is down, please be patient, sometime I lose the connection with my ISP.

Thanks :slight_smile:



there are quite a number of textures from this site, ranging from man made to those from the nature itself.


Congratulations!!! :thumbsup: very pro-work! I really like the library!

Btw…what camera did u use to take those man?


Thanks maxFX :slight_smile:

I used a Fuji FinePix S7000

As soon I get back to work, I’ll take more


Nice textures jp … strange your site is blocked at my work but works fine from at home … :shrug:


Thanks blue magic,

I find it Strange also, there’s no illegal stuff on my server. Did you get an 404 error ?

Because, my ISP charge my fee at the 3rd day of each month and they reset my connection.

Maybe that could be the reason why you were unable to see my web page.


Great stuff jpgauvin thanks for sharing!!!


You’re welcome Tbonz816 Hope it will be helpful :slight_smile:


:bounce: Nice work! Thx for your efforts, people like you are rare.


wow Great collection you have !
Thanx for sharing your stuff.
What I can do now is texturing on my model~


JPG you’re the man :slight_smile:
Thanks a lot, it will help more than one.


I upload 29 new images in the ressource gallery


and thank you all for the comments :slight_smile:


Those new textures where indeed good! and what a nice job you do at taking photos, those specular just aren’t there! bravo!

There should be an Athens 2004 texture olympics for you man :slight_smile:


Thanks maxFX :slight_smile:


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