texture saturation in 3DMAX


hello everybody,

is there any method or plugin which lets me change the saturation of a texture gradually in 3DSMax? i have tried rgb tint, which works fine, but it is soooo much work, too much to really consider it for use with a lot of textures.

all i am searching for is something which lets me animate the saturation of a texture, without touching the tint or levels. can anybody help me?

i know i could change the saturation gradually in any compositing program, but this is not working for me, as i want the color of my lighting setup stay the same. JUST the textures should change!

thx a lot for your time and help!



try a free plug called color correction

if u wanna do that to the entire image u can use the sat/desat effect in max.
good luck


i installed it but where can i access its options? i cannot find the thing anywhere.

thx a lot,



just found it! it’s PERFECT! thx a lot :slight_smile:



A good idea when coming back to reply to the help that others have given is to…

Show what results you have achieved…

It is also a good idea to explain how you came to solution to your 2nd problem. You said you couldn’t locate the color correction attributes. Then you replied that you found them and it works well… Now, if “you” had trouble figuring out where to find the attributes, maybe, someone in the future might come across the same problem… So… maybe you should explain where you got lost, and what the solution was.


i was just too excited!

ok, the color correction is a MATERIAL, so when you choose your diffuse material, instead of choosing “bitmap” or “gradient” or “mix”, choose “colorcorrect”. that’s it!



Just for infos and vocabulary exactitude, it’s actually a map, not a material. To make it (very) short material (blue symbol) are map collections that apply on objects, maps (green symbol) are material components that applies on materials.

This a nightmare to explain to noob students ! :smiley:



its a MAP!


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