Texture projection axis


How can I adjust the axis of the flat texture projection mapping in R20.
In R19 one could select the axis and replace it.


Flash texture mapping?

The axis icon is no longer needed for textures.


Sorry I mean flat projection. (autocorrect)
I would like to put the axis at the corner or bottom of the texture to place the texture correctly.
I do need the axis.



This is not my question IceCaveMan.

In R17-18-19 I could move the axis in the viewport.
In R20 I can’t use the viewport but have to fill in the offset by percentage.




you have to activate texture mode as before and then you can pull the axes in viewport as usual …


Also not my question.


The answer is no, you cannot. This ability was removed. To set the axis to the corner of a texture, select the tag on the object and set the Offset UV values to either -50% or +50%


Thanks Imashination.