Texture premultiplication issue


Hi, me again, sorry.

I’m using png textures with alpha and I’m getting a black fringe around my textures when rendered. The textures are coming into Maya unpremultiplied, so the black fringe seems to be due to something Maya is doing to the texture.

Any ideas?


Don’t place black right where the border is. Expand your texture out a bit so it covers more ground. I usually don’t use black at all but instead cover the whole empty area with colors similar to the texture themselves.


Also if you are using an alpha for transparency make sure the texture filtering in your file node for your alpha is set to off. Can give a better result.


Hi, thanks for the input everyone.
I’ve tried turning off the filtering and it hasn’t helped, unfortunately.

The color channels already extend to the edge of the antialiasing on the alpha channel, so it ought to work fine as is, but I did try further extending the color beyond the edge of the alpha channel and while it did get rid of the black line, this isn’t really a viable workaround. The textures I’m using are numerous, complex and animated, and having to manually go in and paint around the edges of each texture would take far too long, as well as probably introducing artefacts where the border of the texture is not a single colour.

It seems to me that this is an issue with Maya and not my textures; can anybody think of a cause for this problem? Thanks!


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