Texture Practice - Vehicle: Walker


Ok so I am just praciticing texturing. I have learned alot as I have advanced through this m0del. So some of the parts might seem a bit messy or not up to par with the rest…that is most likely because I did them first. But yeah I am just trying to get a feel on the best way to approach vehicle texturing. I would have to say this is my best attempt so far at vehicle texturing…and texturing in general.

This is only the diffuse map, there is nothing added yet, I am making the diffuse then bump and then the spec. If theres a better way to do this, lemme know because it would be good to know of easy ways to do things.

So yeah please critique it, any advice and help on making it look more alive would be helpful. Also it should look alot better once I get the bump and spec on there…right?

Well anyway heres the pic.


Now that design is awesome! Loving the textures…I think if anything the weapon could be shown some more love in the texture department. Vent holes, blast burns, etc…and myabe also the ribs where possibly a cockpit window would go? Since i know it’s a WIP, i don’t know how far you are going with it.

other than that it looks really cool! :thumbsup:


hey mike

it’s looking pretty awesome, nothing much i can see wrong with it. personally i think it could do with a few more scracthes and highlights on some edges and maybe some lettering i.e. a model number etc…

also the screen area (right?) would look cool with a HUD, maybe radar, controls etc. and the front one with gunner sites, radar and weaponary stuff.

cant wait to see the final result man, keep up the awesome work :slight_smile:

((do you still go on skype?))


Thanks guys for the crits.

Yeah the textures are quite wip, so they are still missing abit. Right now I am working on detailing the c0ckpit area a little more, adding dials and stuff. Also the ribs, were meant to be for a plasma shield which I forgot to build…but I will get that built here soon.

I added some more details to the guns and various other spots, hopefully sometime this weekend I will get another update with the diffuse map finished…then I get to do the bump and spec :slight_smile:

Dan - I dont get on skype much anymore you should use aim…cuz Im always on there. Would be nice to chat.


Looks good. Nice design. I would suggest some sort of light for the cockpit :thumbsup:


Ok just about done with the diffuse map here. I just need to figure out what to do on one or two parts to make them look better. And then maybe add some more to the control panels. But other than that it is pretty much done.

 Heres the shot.


Diffuse map is finished…so if you have any crits or ideas for it please lemme know before I get to far on everything else.

I made a quick environment here for it…thinking I am going to change it tho to something else. But for now this will do.

Crits and thoughts are very much wanted :slight_smile:


I like the design and texturing so far. The second cockpit though is a mystery to me since there is only a single forward facing weapon that the pilot could handle.

A Secondary weapon kinda bent up like a scopion stinger would look sweet and give some validity to all the co pilots controls.


thats a really cool design monkey!
texturing is very nice and sharp, i’m wondering how that thing will move, about the 2 seats, one is for shooting one is for controling the vehicle i suppose? but it wouldn’t hurt for some extra weapon somewhere, maybe some rocketlaunchers on the side :scream:
also, wont you make a window over the whole thing? like a fighter plane?


This is really cool. I think maybe the edges of the “bones” could be broken up a little more with some dark scratching here and there.


Thanks guys :slight_smile:

Ok so the general idea is that we need more weapons here. About the pit and the 2 seats issue, the first seat I figured would be for driving…and then the secondary seat is for the gun, which can swivel. But I am going to have to agree on the fact that we might need some other kind of weapon. I’m going to have to figure out what will work into the design, so that I can get some rocket pods…or missiles or something on there.

About the window, I had originally thought that I would make those ribs generators, and that their would be some sort of energy field guarding the pilot and co-pilot.

I will post some ideas up once I sketch em out. Im liking IronHawks idea of some sort of scorpion tail thing, not sure if it will fit in the design tho. The only thing is how would you guys recomend adding more things into the geometry, whithout having to redo the whole uv map and messing up the texture?

Oh yeah heres a wip shot of it with the spec.


Great stuff Mike, good to see you are progressing well :slight_smile:


You should be able to just add an edit poly mod and keep going. If I forget to weld verts before unwraping and end up with leftovers i just add an edit poly weld verts and it doesnt erase my unwrap.


If you don’t have any space left on the texture it wouldn’t kill you to toss an extra 512x512 on for the new weapon :smiley:


Lupus how you doin man?! Its been a long time since I’ve talked to ya. What do you use for instant message, so we can talk.

Ghostscape - ok I was afraid that I would be breaking some golden rule of game art if I did that…but since you said it I can blame you if there is some wacked out rule :wink: Now I just need to figure out what kind of weapon to add.


Well, since this is your own personal work, I don’t think it would matter… if you did happen to show it off to a company and they asked, it’s OK to say you decided to improve it by adding more. Something like this could easily have been added into your original map-space if you had planned it that way, so it’s not so much an afterthought as an improvement. :wink:


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