Texture placement...?


I’m pretty sure this must have been asked a thousand times and I’ve probably asked it myself years ago… Been checking out various things in the DVG toolkit and now bitmap placement. I’m trying to place a bitmap onto one face of a cube without it streaking along the edges. Have tried selecting polygons to confine it to one face and it seems to work if the map is a touch smaller than the whole face, but if the map fits flush it streaks. Doesn’t talk about it in the old manuals. TIA

Martin K.

*At least the bitmaps are rendering nice and crisp, which is a good start!


Yes, unfortunately this is the way it works
-you have the right idea, moving it away until it is flush or even a bit away from the edge til it stops the stretching effect.

Another thing you can do is create a cubic bitmap (6 sided).


Ok, if you only want to map one face or say the front face of the cube, heres what to do.

Set alignment to “front”, under projection/tiling x and y set to “none”

Now under the filter turn off “Negative Z”

that should do it.



Just tested this, hmm i’m still geting some bleed, it seems you need to make very small adjustments to the position and or scale.



Cheers Rueben, you’d have thought that placing a texture on selected polygons would have restricted the bitmap to just there, like in c4d. I now remember struggling with this issue before and setting the texture to a size infinitestimately smaller than the face, something like 99.7% in size.

Martin K


Not sure whether this is obvious or not…

But, if you have access to the model, you can pick that surface and disconnect it from the cube. Or, you could make a surface and place it VERY close to the cube, then just texture that surface object separately. I’ve done that before in various ways to avoid texturing complexity.



If I could get away with it, my first choice would be to disconnect the top of the cube for mapping.


Can’t believe I didn’t get this. It’s a trick question. I was tricked. And all the gun toting and hooping and hollering I have been doing about UVs too.

You can do this very simply and quickly with UV mapping. UVs are coordinates based on the model. There is no smearing even if the map goes over the edge slighly. It’s stuck to the surfcase it’s on and not projected.

Sooooo… I did a litte quick tutorial, mainly as pentance :slight_smile:

I’m just so new to UV’s I could use the practice.




Finally got my whole character UV Mapped. Now if I can remember how to use Photoshop.



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