Texture map Animated in attribute of nCloth/nCostraint maya 2012


Hello men
I lost 3 days to understand what happen here: queste automaticamente
When I try to apply a ramp animated map in any “Dynamics proprieties map” of nCloth or in any “component attribute” of any nCostraint almost all the time these works fine. (but only if I create the node automatically pushing the botton near the attribute… if I try to make it manualy by hypershade… and select the output alpha doesn’t works a lot of time)
BTW, the big problem is that:
Every time i tried to save the file… and open again the same file (where nCloth and the animated Map works fine before) now doesn’t work… untill I go under nComponent of the costraint in the attribute editor, select the link to see my animated ramp and simulate 1 frame in the middle of my simulating… then restart simulating to my frist frame of nucleus and now all works proptley.
What I understand is that… the nCloth nucleus in maya 2012 latest relase is… well, it doesn’t works fine like in 2011

Anyone have my same problems? i’ve a scene with a lot of ncloth and animated ramp…
Ducan, can you recognize with my same problem?

Thanks, Simone.


Other Problem Guys…
I read not only for me but sometime… when i reopen file… the nucleus doesn’t works proptley, well to fix it… i create a new nCloth with other nucleous and then assign the nCloth created to the frist broke nucleous… then it works…

i’m afraid about all the problem of ncloth in maya 2012…



I had this problem in older versions of Maya. So that is not new. However i was not able to reproduce it enough to report it. I try to see if i can reproduce it today if i have some time.


ok thanks… btw i had fix it… like i wrote…


I’ve not seen the problem you describe… as far as I can tell animated constraint maps work OK in 2012.

Be aware that you can’t map any attribute the way you might for rendering. Also one must map the nComponent node, not the nConstraint and you want the nComponent associated with the object you wish to map( nConstraints can have multiple nComponent nodes). On the nComponent one can map strengthMap (not strength), glueStrengthMap or weightMap. (If you map anything else it will simply use the value of texture at uv 0,0 for all points)


yes, yes, i know that… is strange becouse… 9/10 student in my class have the same as my problem… and… sometime happen, something not…

problably happen when the nucleous have to many node, i don’t know why… if you try in a new scene, a clean scene should be work fine… but belive me… we have a lot of problem with nCloth in maya 2012…
in 2011 all works better.
ps:i’m attending the td course at escape studios

Thanks anyway guys!


Please… if you have any reproducible workflows or files that show the problem submit a bug report( help menu: report a problem ). This problem is not happening for me, but there are a lot of possible variables: operating system, type of geometry, etc.


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