Texture Locator Wrap


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this is my first post here, so pls be gentle with me :slight_smile:

Here is the problem:
I have a mesh with a material, which has two textures applied. One of them is set as Diffuse Color the other one is Bump.

Both are projected via UV Map.

Now I would like to set the horizontal and vertical wrap of the bump texture to 10. But if I do so the diffuse seems to wrap as well. I know the shader tree is a stack and is proceed from bottom to top. It looks like the wrap settings of the top texture locator is valid for all textures underneath it.

Bug or feature? Or am I missing something here?!

This is what my shader tree looks like

This is the mesh. It is okay, except for the bump, which is too big.

So I set the wrapping of the bump to 10…

The wrapping of the diffuse is still on 1, but it gets wrapped as well… :frowning:

I think I’m doing something wrong here. It would be nice if someone could help me.

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The guys at the modo forum are quick!
For all of you who are running into the same issue:


It was just the OpenGL display in the viewport. If I render the scene it looks okay. I didn’t check the render view because I just have to optimize the mesh for mobile devices and bake their texture to new UVs.

Anyway, thank you!

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