Texture/Light/Render - character - SeanW


Heres a concept for the character im going to do. Hes made up of rock, kinda like the Thing. I thought the rocky texture would pose some interesting challenges. The model should be done in a a week or so depending on how finals at school treat me.

How he is able to move his body parts can be left to the imagination :slight_smile:


YouJiveAssTurkeyMayne! Yeah, the rockman is all about displacement maps, its gonna be crucial.


Mesh update:
I’m almost done eveything is blocked in. Still deciding if Im gonig to mess with displacement maps yet.


Ok it took me long enough to update. I just finished setting up his UV’s heres a wire of my setup… Now I can get on with the fun stuff.


This was to get an idea of what it might look like, its comming out fairly well so far, just blocking in the rocks, later I’ll break it up so its not so symmetrical, then I’ll add the texture.


yo yo yo
hey sean I still think that the head is way to small on the uv’s.
Scrunch that stuff together more, I think you got a lot of space there. Then just use all that space on the head.


oh yeah…what happened to those crazy poses you used to do? The HANDS especially!!! Its all about the pose man.


lookin’ good so far, can’t wait to see more. :buttrock:


heh well I’m not too too worried about the head size since I’m going to make the map big. I’m kinda cheating in that regard since im not limited to any game spects but not having that constraint makes me very happy. As far as the poses go, I’m sure I have some type of comic book pose up my sleave.


you make up your mind on displacement maps yet?
I say you should go for it.

I wonder whether they consider displacement maps as part of the texturing challenge or not. I wouldn’t think they would consider it modeling but who knows?


Ok heres a update, still in the blocking phase, I really really wanna move in on all the little details but I must hold myself back. Heres where I am so far…


yeah thats a good question about d maps, I have no clue. I might try it for fun and see what it will look like. I’ll make sure to post my attempt if I try…


lookin good, startin to see it come together.

maybe work on it not being so symmetrical.


tight… most things i would say are probably to come lateron anyways. ah… maybe his fingers should taper a little more as they go out to the end. can’t really tell in that render though. his proportions kick ass, length of arms, shtuff like that. I think my main thing would be the way he’s a bit monocromatic. my guys jacket was originally black leather, but its all wierd and green and i like it alot better that way. i dunno, i mean he is rock, but it might be cool. moss may be :slight_smile: hehe. some dirt in the cracks and bumps. the rock layout itself is definitely on target.


Ok I couldnt resist, I had to give him some type of pose…


Kickass character you have there :buttrock:

About displacement maps: since this is a lighting/texturing challenge, there’s no reason you wouldn’t be allowed to use them. They modify geometry, and this challenge isn’t about that. So get displacing! :bounce:


really cool character ,but make him smilig like on the first sketch !!!:thumbsup:


hahaha I love the new pose. He’s like “what what! you wanna step up B***H!” :mad:



Ok this whole displacement mapping scares me, been playing with it and I’m not getting good resuslts because my comp dies when I try to up the polys on my mesh so I can displace it. So It looks like I’m just going to paint everything.
In the back of my mind I agree with you but then theres this little demon on my shoulder saying “screw the smile you already modeled it with him looking p’d off” When I get done I’ll see if I cant do a smilling version
haha yeah I should make a bubble of him saying that.


Ok I think this is going twards where I like, I’m going to push it a lot more though. Add moss and other things that tend to grow on rocks. Maybe a moss tattoo? hmmmmm…