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This may be a photoshop question, but I’m not quite sure.

I’m making masks to display some text and simple line graphics on my object. When they are in max though, I get white edges. I assume that is caused by antialiasing? What I’ve been doing to remedy this is going into photoshop, picking the color of the text and creating a solid color where that is. It works great, but on my current project there are quite a few different colors. That’s alot of selecting and filling.

  1. is there a way to fix this problem in max by letting it remove the white at the edges?
  2. is there a way to “expand” the color of any given object. I was initially thinking, select with magic wand with contiguous off so it selects Everything with that color, then grow selection, pick the color, fill with that color, then repeat that process for each color? Is that the fastest way?

Is option 2 the easiest, or can max to the same thing for me automatically. I don’t mind doing the photoshop work, but if I am wasting time then I’d rather not.


Could you post a pic so we can see what the problem is (in max)? It may be a photoshop question, but lets see if there’s soemthing that can be done in Max.


playing with the layer-effects in photoshop would be the best way i guess. you have the best control over the results without big work. use a contour on your layer and change it to a gradient-fill type explosion. adjust the alphas of this gradient according to your needs.

  1. Not that I know of
    2.Making the color graphic larger than the mask will pretty much create a “trap” affect like you would use in printing—that would be the best solution IMO.


I don’t have enough time right now to show an example, I also can’t show what I am currently working on. Sorry.

Based on what I have seen other people posting in the past it is a common problem. Because of antialiasing, then edge pixels are partially grey for the mask. For the image, then, it shows as whiter and whiter the closer it gets to the edge because the image is also antialiased.


KRZ9000’s idea is probably the best. That will speed me up a little bit. I found some other problems too. The illustrator files don’t seem to be matching the actual geometry since one came from engineering and the other came from the designer, so I’ll have to edit it all anyway.

Thanks for the tips.


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