Texture help, acustic guitar.


As a back to 3d project, I challenged myself with acustic guitar project.
The part of the modeling was fine, took a lot of time, but ended fine.
The issue is with the texturing, I want to give this awesome guitar a realistic look. As some one who never was good in texturing I am looking for some tips and “how would you do it?” ideas for texturing this guitar.

Off course if any comments about the modelling (and my english), I would like to hear it to!

Thank you.


What kind of guitar finish are you going for? There’s a bunch of different styles. Since you went with the acoustic guitar, I’d recommend a fine-wood finish, at least for the guitar body. There’s a ton of tutorials online on how to make a decent fine-wood texture. I’m not sure what software you’ll be using, but I have made a pretty decent fine-wood texture in Photoshop. Here’s the link to it

Good luck! And your model looks awesome! :applause:


Also you can download ready textures (for example from here: http://cgtextures.com/) for free. If you aren’t good in texturing then it would be good if you could use textures which can be repeatable and then mapping them on model using something like UVW Box Map (in 3D Studio Max). This is the best way for beginners, fast, simple and it gives good final effect. Don’t forget to play with reflection settings :wink:

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Thank you!


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