Texture eaten by Skin modifier


So here`s my story.

I started with a textured and ready model, put the Cat rig in and applied skin modifier, I immediately noticed weird texture flicker while rotating and working around the model with vertex weights. Than at some point the texture turned gray and stayed that way from there. The textures show in renders just fine, but in viewport(nitrous) they come up as grey(it works when I switch viewport driver to direct3d but its way too slow and inaccurate). Tried pretty much everything but cant get the textures back in viewport.

I am adding the scene file below

Anyone had similar issues? Any solutions?

Thanks guys


Hmm, not here on 3dsmax2014. Looks just fine.
Driver Problem? Latest PU installed?

Nice model,btw!


The model is not mine I am just using it as a reference for a small machinima project.

Thanks for checking it on 2014 , yes your right it seems to work fine on 2014 versions.

Anyone has any other ideas as the whole project is set up in 2012 version?


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