Texture Dimensions Limit in Maya 2012?


hey gals & guys!

i’m forced to work with an insanely high image-resolution as textures (can’t make any compromises there) and when loading a .tga with about 13,000 by 12,000 px i get an error simply stating that my file is too big. rendering with kill maya with a fatal error, doesn’t matter whether with maya software or mental ray. i even tried converting the texture to bop and map but i jut get the same error :frowning:

i wanna project the thing onto a mesh and bake a hi-res texture, that’s all…

any ideas? help would really be appreciated!


Maya’s limit is 10k, I have found no other solution


Not quite true, I’ve rendered 16k textures before. You might have to use the mentalray texture node however. And a tiled exr would be a much better idea then tga. Make sure you tick “local” in the mentalray texture node to indicate its a tiled exr which will activate texture caching.


that’s a good idea – will try! i keep you posted and many thanks!


alright, none of the above worked out, maya still snuffed it when i tried to render, even with a full mental ray setup and tweaked bsp. in the end i settled for a 81928192 file in 8-bit depth (which was the highest resolution maya would accept in my case) instead of the 1300013000 in 16-bit. gotta make this work in comp i guess. not happy, but at least a step in the right direction… :confused:


Did you try a 16384x16384 EXR though? I realize this is even larger, but texture resolutions are best handled when they are in a power of 2 resolution. And how much RAM do you have btw?


As Corey mentioned, a tiled EXR would work well. imf_copy will make one for you with Maya 2012.

Out of curiosity, what resolution are you rendering at that you need a large texture like that?


@Kakkoii: yep, tried a regular exr, then tiled exr, then in powers of two… still maya whined about “texture too big”, not even command-line rendering would work…

i have 8 gigs of ram installed, running windows 7 x64… maybe that’s the bottleneck.

@Bitter: i’m rendering at full hd, but i need a highly detailed projection on a human head because the cam keeps zooming in to a pore-level. you can guess how much fun it was in photoshop stitching a 16-bit super-res from a couple of raw-photographs together… i guess i can thank the fickle & opinionated director for all that trouble :wink:


i fear that wont help too much for you: vray renders that texture size without a problem :confused:




vray, eh? in fact that does help because now i know what to save up for next :wink: thanks!


I just rendered a 16k tiled exr in Maya 2012 right now no problems. Your using the mentalray texture node, not the maya file node correct? And you ticked “local” on?


that is correct! the only maya node i used was the projection node because i couldn’t find a mental ray equivalent. the problem is that when i open the scene, my script editor already reads “<texture-path and file name> too big” and rendering will plunge it all into a Fatal Error purgatory… sucks…

and thanks for keeping up your suggestions


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