Texture change when I render the image..???????


[color=white]why when I setup a texture face with uvmap on the viewport looks different when I rendering the image?..its like the texture move a bit …why ? [/color]


Here I put a picture …to explain what I mean…Even I click on Texture Correction…it doesnt work…Someone Knows…why…??


Is the texture mirrored in any way ?

Tried cloning, collapsing stack up to meshsmooth ?

Any chance of a shot of the base mesh ?

Assuming your model has an edgeloop that defines the lips (Edges) - detach the UV’s along the lips - that’ll force it to respect your UV-mapping due to the way the interpolation works.

But as it is, it looks more like a case of assymetrically stretched UV’s on the base mapping, As well as poles at the end of the lips instead of contigous quads.


Adding to that, UV interpolation deviations normally (when they -do- occur) show up in the viewport as well, hrmpf


Thanks for the tip…sorry, I just didnt get about the second comment…deviation normally…



Adding to the suggestions already made, try re-arranging your stack - I would suggest trying to move the Mesh Smooth to below the UVW modifier.

As for the interpolation comment - what he was saying is that deviations in the UV interpolation would usually show up in the OpenGL viewport as well as in the render.


Yup, exactly what I was trying to communicate - suppose 56 hours of uptime didn’t help with that :slight_smile:

Btw. Leigh, seeing as you’re nearing 10k posts - shouldn’t you be getting a new pink stripe for your little trooper ?


Thanks everyone …I tried many things…move up and down meshmooth, uv map…etc…from the modifier…but it didnt work …I just done another ID on the mouth. …So I just separeted …it give me more control…on the face…Thanks Peter and everyone else…:thumbsup: .


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