Texture baking - single or multi-threaded?


Title says it all. I would think that since baking is essentially rendering, then the same multi-threaded process the render engine uses would be employed here, but perhaps not.

I’m about to have to start baking textures to 23 logos for use in a real-time engine (VizRT), and I will have an assortment of machines to bake on. I just want to know if I should favor fast single cpu speeds or high cpu count for heavier scenes in the group, so I can bake as efficiently as possible.

Also, if I select say 10 objects, and run the ‘bake object’ command, will it do each of the 10 objects one at a time, like a sort of render queue, or will it bake all 10 objects to a single texture map, or will it only bake the topmost selected object and ignore the other 10?



If its of any help I think you are right - Texture baking is pretty much rendering textures so it very well could be multi-threaded.

That being said, try it out yourself. Open the task manager ( thats on Windows, not sure whats there on a Mac) and while the thing is being baked check out how many cores are in use. If you don’t see the cores of your machine under the “performance” tab then right click on the graph and select “Change Graph To” -> “Logical Processors”.

Hope that helps :slight_smile:


Well, honestly, I was hoping one of the folks in the know would chime in on this, I know there are folks here who have intimate knowledge of Cinema’s code and whatnot. I guess it’s telling that there is only 1 reply with more than 100 views. In any event, MacOS’s activity viewer only shows CPU load, not the number of engaged cores.

I should be getting a new Alienware laptop soon, I guess I can run the riddle there.

Appreciated the response, nonetheless.


I might be remembering this wrongly…but I thought the MacOS activity viewer showed CPU load in percentage, with each physical core having up to 100%. So 4 cores could go as high as 400%.

At least that’s what I remember…but maybe things have changed.


Ah, good call, I just did a render to test that, and sure enough, I was showing north of 700% CPU usage… perhaps each of the 4 cores can run 2 threads, so 200% per core? EDIT I DO get 8 buckets on a render, so that adds up.

Anyway, I’ll do a bake test with this tomorrow and see what I get. Thanks man!


Indeed. Unless you have a fairly low end CPU it will have double the thread count (hyperthreading / SMT) than the core count :slight_smile:


Confirmed - started a bake and saw 765% CPU usage.