TextFile Reading and retrieve object, unable to get object's parameters afterwords



I’m kind of stuck on a stupid thing, i don’t get where my mistake is, i wrote a little example code to create and write into text file and in second part retrieve the text file information :

 Model = #($Model_001,$Model_002,$Model_003,$Model_012,$Model_008)
 IntegerNum = 1
 OriginalObject = $
 TxtPath = maxFilePath + "Variable.txt"
 newTXT = createFile TxtPath -- Create textfile
 format "%
" Model.count to:newTXT -- scroll through Model
 for i=1 to Model.count do
 	format "%" Model[i].name to:newTXT -- Model name
 format "%
" IntegerNum to:newTXT -- Integer
 format "%
" OriginalObject to:newTXT -- Source
 close newTXT
 print "______________________________________________________"

The generated Textfiles looks like that :

 $Sphere:Test @ [-109.074417,-437.838104,51.278885]

And the Reading code looks like that:

 					-- READING TXT
 		TxtPath = maxFilePath + "Variable.txt"
 openTxt = openFile Txtpath
 	 ModelCount = readLine openTxt -- Read the Models count
 	ModelCount = ModelCount as Integer
 	for i = 1 to ModelCount do -- Read the Model name
 		append Model (readChars openTxt 9)
    -- skipToNextLine openTxt
 	 IntegerNum = readLine openTxt -- Read IntegerNum
 	IntegerNum = IntegerNum as integer
 	--	skipToNextLine openTxt
 		OriginalObject = readLine openTxt -- Read Objet Source
 --OriginalObject =  "$" + OriginalObject
 	close openTxt
 select Model[1]
 select OriginalObject
 CopyObject = snapshotasmesh OriginalObject -- Objet de support en mesh
 ModelLocal =  Model[1]
 ModelLocal.visibility = bezier_float()

The select seems to find the Model[1] but select OriginalObject doesn’t. Finally the snapshopasmesh and the ModelLocal.visibility doesn’t either.

PS : i also tried with a editpoly object as OriginalObject, same thing.

Thank you for your help


there are some mistakes in your code. save the origin node’s name (not the node itself). set some delimiter (token) between node names. and… if you want to do scripting in the future, start using XML format files.


Well, i’m just starting Maxscript and i taught it would be easier to write in text file instead of XML trough DotNET , but next i’ll do it, the node-based-structure is much better.

Thank you, for your advice


i will post some sample about using of XML, and you will see how not hard it is. :wink:


Hi Denis,
I’m also interesting in the better way to write/read XML file, but also there is XPath which is a bit difficult for me to understand. I found this can be useful link for the start (XPath and XML)
This snippet I used for storing some settings for my ScriptRun tool but I think that is not right choise. If you have free time can you show as some PRO - tip. Thanks in advance

 local okToShow = true
 dotnet.loadAssembly "system.xml" 
 struct sr_Settings_struct (lvDataArr, locX, locY, ms, mse, mcr, mxsArr, mxsENArr, mxsFav)
 struct sr_XML_struct
 	sioDir = dotNetClass "System.IO.Directory",
 	sioFile = dotNetClass "System.IO.File",
 	sysStr = dotNetClass "System.String",
 	fn compareFNames arr str ignoreCase:true multi:true = 
 		if multi then (for p in 1 to arr.count where (sysStr.Compare arr[p][2] str ignoreCase) == 0 collect p).count
 		else (for p in 1 to arr.count where (sysStr.Compare arr[p] str ignoreCase) == 0 collect p).count
 	fn isValidXML file =
 		try ((dotNetObject "System.Xml.XmlDocument").Load file == undefined)
 		catch (okToShow = false ; ((trimleft ((s=filterstring (getCurrentException()) ":")[s.count]) " ")+" Do you want to edit 'srSettings.xml' ?"))
 	fn xmlCreator dnXML: prtNode: tagName: innerTxt: attArr: make:#xmlElement =
 		local tag = if make != #xmlComment then (dnXML.createElement tagName) else (dnXML.createComment tagName)
 		prtNode.AppendChild tag
 		if innerTxt != unsupplied do tag.InnerText = innerTxt
 		if attArr != unsupplied do (for i = 1 to attArr.count do tag.SetAttribute attArr[i][1] attArr[i][2]) ; tag
 	fn getXMLvalue dnXML: tagName: type: =
 		local val = (dnXML.selectNodes tagName).ItemOf[0].InnerText
 		if type != unsupplied then val as type else val
 	fn saveXML xmlFile pX: pY: msExt: mseExt: mcrExt: dirArr: favArr: =
 		xmldoc = dotNetObject "System.Xml.XmlDocument"
 		sRun = xmlCreator dnXML:xmldoc prtNode:xmldoc tagName:"ScriptRun" \
 		attArr:#(#("version","1.1a"), #("author","Branko Zivkovic"), #("email","barigazy@hotmail.com"))
 		sPaths = xmlCreator dnXML:xmldoc prtNode:sRun tagName:"FolderPaths"
 		cmt_sPaths = xmlCreator dnXML:xmldoc prtNode:sPaths tagName:"Child elements of the *FolderPaths* element tags (<fp_0 ... />, <fp_1 .../> etc.)" make:#xmlComment
 		for i = 1 to dirArr.count do
 			fpe = xmlCreator dnXML:xmldoc prtNode:sPaths tagName:("fp_" + ((i-1) as String)) \
 			attArr:#(#("path", dirArr[i][2]), #("use_subfolders", (dirArr[i][1] as String)))
 		sSett = xmlCreator dnXML:xmldoc prtNode:sRun tagName:"ScriptSettings"
 		sLocX = xmlCreator dnXML:xmldoc prtNode:sSett tagName:"location_x" innerTxt:(pX as String)
 		sLocY = xmlCreator dnXML:xmldoc prtNode:sSett tagName:"location_y" innerTxt:(pY as String)
 		sMS = xmlCreator dnXML:xmldoc prtNode:sSett tagName:"use_ms" innerTxt:(msExt as String)
 		sMSE = xmlCreator dnXML:xmldoc prtNode:sSett tagName:"use_mse" innerTxt:(mseExt as String)
 		sMCR = xmlCreator dnXML:xmldoc prtNode:sSett tagName:"use_mcr" innerTxt:(mcrExt as String)
 		sFav = xmlCreator dnXML:xmldoc prtNode:sRun tagName:"FavoriteScripts"
 		cmt_sFav = xmlCreator dnXML:xmldoc prtNode:sFav tagName:"Child elements of the *FavoriteScripts* element tags (<fs_0 ... </fs_0>, <fs_1 ... </fs_1> etc.)" make:#xmlComment
 		if favArr.count != 0 do
 			favArr = for s in favArr where sioFile.Exists s collect s
 			if favArr.count != 0 do (for i = 1 to favArr.count do xmlCreator dnXML:xmldoc prtNode:sFav tagName:("fs_" + ((i-1) as String)) innerTxt:(favArr[i]))
 		xmldoc.Save xmlFile
 	fn loadXML xmlFile = if (v=isValidXML xmlFile) != true then (if queryBox v title:"srSettings.xml Error Message" beep:false do edit xmlFile) else 
 		local lvItms = #(), xpos, ypos, useMS, useMSE, useMCR, mxsFiles = #(), mxsFilesEN = #(), mxsFavorites = #()
 		xmldoc = dotNetObject "System.Xml.XmlDocument"
 		sioSOpt = dotNetClass "System.IO.SearchOption"
 		xmldoc.Load xmlFile
 		rootEle = xmldoc.DocumentElement
 		fp = rootEle.Item["FolderPaths"]
 		ss = rootEle.Item["ScriptSettings"]
 		fs = rootEle.Item["FavoriteScripts"]
 		if fp.ChildNodes.count == 0 then lvItms = #(#(false, (getDir #scripts))) else
 			for i = 1 to fp.ChildNodes.count-1 do
 				usf = fp.ChildNodes.ItemOf[i].Attributes.ItemOf["use_subfolders"].value as BooleanClass
 				dir = fp.ChildNodes.ItemOf[i].Attributes.ItemOf["path"].value
 				if sioDir.Exists dir do append lvItms #(usf,dir)
 		xpos = (ss.Item["location_x"].InnerText) as Integer
 		ypos = (ss.Item["location_y"].InnerText) as Integer
 		useMS = (ss.Item["use_ms"].InnerText) as BooleanClass
 		useMSE = (ss.Item["use_mse"].InnerText) as BooleanClass
 		useMCR = (ss.Item["use_mcr"].InnerText) as BooleanClass
 		if lvItms.count != 0 do
 			stateArr = #(useMS, useMSE, useMCR)
 			extArr = #("*.ms", "*.mse", "*.mcr")
 			for i = 1 to lvItms.count do
 				filtOpt = if lvItms[i][1] then sioSOpt.AllDirectories else sioSOpt.TopDirectoryOnly
 				for s = 1 to 3 where stateArr[s] do join mxsFiles (sioDir.GetFiles lvItms[i][2] extArr[s] filtOpt)
 			mxsFiles = makeUniqueArray mxsFiles
 			mxsFilesEN = for f in mxsFiles collect #(getFilenameFile f, toLower (trimleft (getFilenameType f) "."))
 			if fs.ChildNodes.count > 1 do
 				for i = 1 to fs.ChildNodes.count-1 where sioFile.Exists (fs.Item[("fs_" + (i-1) as string)].InnerText) do append mxsFavorites (fs.Item[("fs_" + (i-1) as string)].InnerText)
 					fsc = getXMLvalue dnXML:xmldoc tagName:("//fs_" + i as String)
 					if mxsFavorites.count == 0 then (if sioFile.Exists fsc do append mxsFavorites fsc)
 					else (if sioFile.Exists fsc and (compareFNames mxsFavorites fsc multi:false) != 1 do append mxsFavorites fsc)					
 			srSETT = sr_Settings_struct lvDataArr:lvItms locX:xpos locY:ypos ms:useMS mse:useMSE mcr:useMCR mxsArr:mxsFiles mxsENArr:mxsFilesEN mxsFav:mxsFavorites
 	on create do
 		xmlFile = getdir #expression + "\\srSettings.xml"
 		if sioFile.Exists xmlFile then loadXML xmlFile else
 			local posX = ((dotNetClass "Screen").PrimaryScreen.WorkingArea.Width/2) - 120
 			local posY = ((dotNetClass "Screen").PrimaryScreen.WorkingArea.Height/2) - 11
 			saveXML xmlFile pX:posX pY:posY msExt:true mseExt:true mcrExt:false dirArr:#(#(false, (getDir #scripts))) favArr:#()
 			loadXML xmlFile


here is it : http://forums.cgsociety.org/showthread.php?f=98&t=1104715


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