textField Help plz


ok, im having an off day …
I have this:

string $addedTime = textField addTime;

and i have this:

[color=DarkOrange]button -p formLayout0Shape -w 45 -h 32 -label “|<<+20”
-command “playbackOptions -e -min ((currentTime -q) + 20);”

the button works fine on its own, but i would like to change the command from [color=Red][color=DarkOrange]+ 20 to the value of the textField, Cant think today… any help would be nice.


button [color=yellow]-p formLayout0Shape -w 45 -h 32 -label “|<<+20”[/color]
-command “playbackOptions -e -min ((currentTime -q) + (textField -q -text $addedTime));”

this shoud work :slight_smile:


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