Text growth following an object


I’ve made a growing text with the help of a sweep nurb. But if I attempt to make the cylinder follow the growth with “align to spline” tag, it’s only following the first letter because it’s the first closed spline (it doesn’t work with the letter e or d either as they have holes.) Is there a way to make an object follow according to the “end growth” position? Align to spline obviously is not working well for this. Do I need a tracer, or xPresso to do that?

Here’s the scene file:
text growth.c4d (149.0 KB)


One solution is to keyframe Segment in the Align to Spline tag. In the case of your demo file. T = 0, Outside of e = 1, Inside of e = 2, x = 3 and t = 4. Note e has two numbers because that letter is made up of 2 actual splines, an outside and inside spline are needed to make an e.



along sweep.zip (56.0 KB)
I’d use a cloner.