Texel Density


Hi there,

Can anyone explain to me about texel density in an easy way? I’ve found a lot of tutorials about it but coudn’t understand because its a bit confusing. So I’m mentioning a example below if you can explain me according to it.

1- If I have an object of 90"x94" how much do you think my texture should be? I had put (6768x6768 pixel with 72 resolution)

Or explain to me in your best easy way so I can understand.

Thank you,
Maaz Ahmed


Easiest way I can think to explain texel density is ‘Uniform Mapping’

Lets use an example, You have 3 objects of different sizes:

  1. Apple
  2. Car
  3. House

If you have a Tileable Wood Texture and you placed it on all 3 items, the wood texture should look the same size.