Texas Chapter


I don’t claim to want to run this chapter since I maybe moving back to Los Angeles in the next year or two but are there any members that want to get a chapter going in Texas. Dallas, Houston???


I live in San Antonio. Texas is a big state. We should probably see how many current and future CGSociety members we can get to post to this thread and then look at possibly forming different city and college chapters.


Im in Austin. I’d go to a meeting if it were in San Antonio or Houston. Maybed Dallas, but only if it was in motorcycle weather :smiley:



I’m in the Dallas area, but I don’t mind visiting a different city to meet up with folks.

Especially Austin, its a wonderful place!


I live in:



I too would travel to Austin for a meeting.


Fort Worth here. If a Dallas chapter ever forms, I’ll be there.


Austin here. I am also open to hooking up with anyone who lives here in austin for drinks if anyone is looking to network.


I’ll go to Austin.


I live in Bryan/College Station area, I can drive to Austin or Houston as each is only about 100 miles.


there has to be more than 8 of us in Texas, come on guys answer up.


Yeah I really would like to see a chapter get started up, I suppose we could just start with this small of a number?


I am in Dallas, but Austin is a fine place to visit.


I guess we could start one with this small a number, Hell … it might even be funner that way (more beer):slight_smile:

Im not sure how exactly to start one, but I think I’ll PM ole’ Leanord and see if he has any pre-made info / startup tips. I think it’ll fun and informative



ok, get ahold of me if there is anything that I can do to assist.


bump and are we going to do anything with this ?


I emailed Leo awhile back asking for info on starting up a chapter. I never recieved a reply or anything, and then I got kinda busy so it slid out from under my radar.

Im glad that you bumped this to remind me. If everyone is still interested, I’ll go ahead and try and get more info again and see if we can kick this thing into gear.

10 years from now when the Texas chapter is the biggest and best, we can all look back and say “we were there FIRST you young punks!”:twisted:



Ok guys… Email sent.

I probably wont hear anything back from Leo untill after Siggraph. I’ll post whatever I hear as soon as I get it.

After that I think we need a head count of who plans on attending the frist meeting. I can do a little scouting around town and find us a bar or restaurant that has a meeting room that we can use.



that sounds great … THANKS !! Austin would be the most central for us. I’m in unless it happens to be a weekend I’m on-call ad I won’t have a new schedule until next month.



Austin is convenient for me.