Tetsuo's Motorbike, Mathieu Duvillers And Florent Mennechet (3D)


Title: Tetsuo’s Motorbike
Name: Mathieu Duvillers And Florent Mennechet
Country: France
Software: alias

motor bike for tetsuo (akira’s OAV second Main caracter) design by Florent Mennechet Modelled by Moi


it looks cool, show us some more angles…
and wires ! people love wires … hehe


Yes deffinatly more angles. I’d put some bump and texture on the tire too. Deffinatly more angles and wires though.


Its not a very flattering angle - it only looks like it has 1 wheel!
Looks good from what i can see - extra credit for not modeling Kanedas motorbike like everyone else!
Wasnt tetsuo’s bike light blue anyway?

I like yamagata’s bike as well - that rising sun / mount fiji logo on it looks cool


cool. improve the lighting and materials to complement the model


very nice but it need some details


yeah dude, post some more angles of the bike I cant make out what it looks like…


is that a bird… is that a plane… o i just cant figure it out… looks like a ultra cool bike… but dude send a good angle for us to look… its good though


I love the concept!
I love concepts, got a weakness for them.
Youve had some good suggestions so far.

Wouldnt want to slide off that seat with a mix master waiting for me!
Great stuff


sorry for this late reply but i was on an internship and wasn’t allowed to surf but now i’am back
thanks for crit and suggestions

pHong_g2 : could you tell me how to improve lighting i’d like to know more about it this scene was lighted with spot and rendered on alias

Andy H : yes tetsuo bike was light blue but i guess red makes it more violent as tetsuo was however i’ll make a blue version for you

and for all these guyz who want it i’ll post a wire … as soon as i’ll discover how to add an image to my post with out deleting the previous one
can some one tell me more about it.


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