Test of Compositing


Hello, I’m a newbie with compositing, what can you suggest me to learn this technique ?? Thank you :slight_smile:

The car in the left side is 3d object and the background a digital photo. I use Lw and Ae.


It looks like you’re doing fine! -Is there anything specific you want to know?


  • Jonas


looks realy good:thumbsup:

I had to look twice to find the Cg object. Things tend to get a lot harder when its animated. Its also really hard to narrow down what dosent quite look right.


very nice fella, i think that maybe the car is slightly too blured other then dat nice placement etc, you gunna up nemore pictures? or maybe the whole animation?!



The car seems too reflective to me, and also too much blur. It seems that the red tone in the taillight is much too saturated, compared with the relatively washed out background photo.


if the car’s blurry, wouldn’t the shadow also be blurry?

its moving just as fast

nice job tho


no, its called layers bud that shadow could be dependent from the car and just added into the picture for added realism, but then again im guessing.


anyways the works it’s well done. i like it. and i want view this picture into an animation…

this composition achieves a great sensation of speed…! again… great work!


Originally posted by Yo RoBoT

this composition achieves a great sensation of speed…! again… great work!

I disagree. As a viewer we are rather static in this image…if we were too in motion the surrounding terrain would be motion blurred as well. Speed is relative, and according to the motion blur relative to the surroundings, what we know is that the Porsche is traveling quite a bit faster than us. We are sitting still, however, which is a bit odd since we appear to be inside of a car in the middle of the road (the dash and wipers at the bottom).


so according to dmeyer, all you gotta do is kinda of motion blur the trees closer to you also… but not so much or even no motion blur towards the top of the picture (the distanct parts).



Only if the viewer car is meant to be moving, it could be a parked car… I agree that the car shadow should be blurred though


Apparently there are varying opinions on this matter, so take this for what it is, but I personally think the shadow is spot-on.

You see, the only EDGE of the shadow you can see, is the far-off edge, which would be a shadow coming from the far-off edge of the car, which really isn’t that blurred. The part of the car that’s blurred, is the part that’s closest to us (which makes sense, 'cause that’s the part of the car that moves the most in frame, because of perspective), so THAT’s the part of the shadow that should be blurred: the edge that’s closest to us.

BUT, we can’t really see that, 'cause it’s hidden behind the interieur of our own car…

So there. :wavey:

If I was to crit, I’d say it doesn’t really look like the reflection in the car is coming from those trees.


  • jonas


parcked car in the middle the middle of a -what could be- nation speed limit road?! lol



You are right, the car shadow should be blurred ALWAYS, in any situation because this car it’s moving. no other option.

respect to the environment blurred…chris said “could be a parked car” it’s funny but maybe true (personally i don’t believe that).
in this case… I prefer wait for the words of composition owner

if it’s a parked car… all it’s correct except the shadow.:slight_smile:


Hi !!! I thank you for your comments… you are really great !!!
Well, if I remember, the speed of my car is 40 or 50 Km/h.
I 'have used a digital fotocamera (Epson 700).
Probably the next time I will try with a videocamera !!!
Thank you again for your help !! :slight_smile:

P.S. Sorry for my english :hmm:


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