Tesla, Toni Bratincevic (3D)


fabiostabel … thanks man, see you soon. :slight_smile:
qoyun … thanks, I wished we worked together for at least one day. :slight_smile:
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melica … thanks, there is one more coming soon, I worked on it parallel to this one.

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Incredible render and lighting :beer:


Wow Tony, I do not what to say, it is perfect, but you know that! Next one please!


nice work. amazing.





Top of the line . Bravo!!!


Awesome work Toni!!! Loving every bit of it ! Kapa dole !


Nice image !


It Does funny and moving! It’s great!


Great work! Atmosphere is awesome!


fantastic :smiley:


super mega impressive dude! awesome :bounce:


the shading and details are great!
I like this work,thank you for sharing! :bowdown:


Nice details! Dust on the board and those few dust pieces from the camera lens.
Very nice job!


Interesting, this little guy want to do


Nice image!


This one always makes me smile. Great work!


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Coyotes, next one is coming soon I think. Thanks for comment.


Absolutely brilliant. It’s so cute that you just wanna snuggle it like snugglesnugglesnuggle!!! Fantastic realism too. Great light, mood, DOF. Wonderful piece. :bowdown:


Wow!..the detail mixed and depth is inspiring!