Tesla, Toni Bratincevic (3D)


Great stuff Toni. My only crit is that it looks like something is slightly broken with the DOF in the upper right corner. Is the focal blur done in-camera, or post?

Love the lighting, textures and color grading.


whom … tnx man.

balistic … it is render DOF, no post DOF. But you are correct that area looked somehow not correct, I need to check my comp to see if I am doing something wrong, probably some linear compositing issues. Glad you like it!


Awesome work! You have a great talent dealing with the materials and detailing the textures…
Is it possible to post the 3D model, or a clay render?



Great work really, stunning render quality!


Fantastic image Toni. Posted it on the blog.


Outch !! Fantastic work !!


You’re raising the bar, it’s perfect !


Delcio … hey I will try to post clay model, but I am quite busy at the moment so I don’t know if I will have time for that.

PascalR, hoodedpython, largil … thank you!

bakho … Oli you are raising the bar all the time, I am just following you. :slight_smile:


Amazing, Toni!!! Brilliantly executed, great idea… I love the dust, shaders and the displacement on the Potentiometers. Nothing else to say :thumbsup:


whoa…fabulous. :smiley:


Cool!Fantastic work.


Hey Toni! This is simply amazing!
Haha, I also like that little bag there a lot


awesome!! Congrats on the CG Choice!


Congratulations Toni! Another great image in a sea of many others. It gave me a chuckle :slight_smile:


Congratulation toni for the cgchoice gallery you deserve it
5 stars


Congrats on CG choice I knew it’s going to be a full success :slight_smile:


Nice work Toni! :cool:


Toni, between you and Oli I’m hard pressed to not just go quit my job and get into environment modelling. Very inspirational, thanks.


:applause: Amazing as always!! And always looking forward to see your new work :applause:


Nice idea, and nice work, very compliment for your still