Terry O'Quinn, Yoann LORI (2D)


Title: Terry O’Quinn
Name: Yoann LORI
Country: France
Software: Photoshop


This is my very first post on this website.
Here’s a caricature of Terry O’Quinn known as John Locke in the TV show LOST.
It took me about 10 hours to complete in photoshop.

I hope you’ll like it.

Comments and critics are welcome.


Awesome rendering, really cool!!


Impressionnant! Great likeness & colour. nice job. :beer:


Just perfect!


:buttrock: Great work man… is this painted from scratch or photo manipulation tricks that you are using…
it is great to have you here on this website… I hope that you update your profile to include your private website where we could see your other work :slight_smile:


ahh man awesome stuff!:buttrock:


Fantastic! Very well done.


Super impressionnant:buttrock:


Thanks to all of you !! I’m very glad you like it.

@ ahmaditoortega : I don’t use photo manipulation tricks. I like to start from zero and create the whole thing with only regular photoshop brushes. Of course, I use one or several pictures of the actor for lighting and color references but that’s all.
I don’t have a private website yet but I promise to post more of my work soon.


4 8 15 16 23 42… Nice! :wink:


Very lovely old man, if more Mellow, less wrinkles, may be more Interesting, haha, personal opinion


Very Very good job LE LYONNAIS !!!


My favorite!! one waits for the others now :slight_smile:


hehehe… I am not down sizing your talent man… I really like your work and think it is awesome… I just wanted to understand what I was looking at and how it was done, that’s all… I hope that we see your other artwork and that you could include the snaps of the work in progress some how… looking forward for that… cheers dude :slight_smile:


ooooh my god…


Hello! I like your work, ah. . Do not mind, you can simply paint the next process?:curious:


Thanks again to everyone for your comments !

@ yoplaboum : Glad to see there’s other artists from Lyon on this forum ! Merci !:beer:

@ ahmaditoortega : Don’t worry man. I didn’t think that way. :wink: I assumed you wanted to know more about the process. I will try to include the different steps in my next post. :beer:


amazing! great job :eek:


Incredible caricature. Beautifully rendered! :bowdown:


5 stars for the wonderful rendering and lighting! Congrat and looking forrd to see your new :slight_smile: