Terrors And Typhoons, Ree Treweek (3D)


Title: Terrors And Typhoons
Name: Ree Treweek
Country: South Africa
Software: Photoshop

This is another image from “The Tale of How” series. To give you a good idea on how this image is created i draw all the elements in Pen and ink which i then scan it into photoshop and color. Jannes then does the layout and composting. Every element is kept on a separate layer ready for Jannes to then take into after effects and animate.


That’s beautiful … I love this image … so stylish … :arteest:


aye looks awesome. Not very 3d though, maybe it should be in the finished 2d thread?


cg choice aword :deal: plane and simple


love ur style man.



The style is fantastic! :thumbsup:


Awesome illustration! The sea is particularly magnificent :thumbsup:


a true piece of artwork. love the style


Stunning.transcendant piece.
Aboveboard,well executed exhilarating pop.great motif.
animate?..holy mutra.
…and who is Jannes?
Are you a fan of P.Woodruffe?


you have a strong style of yr own. Very nice work. Looking forward to more of yr work here:thumbsup:


Yes…definately a big fan of Patrick Woodroffe…Jannes Hendrikz is the 2d animator and compositor of the Blackheart Gand


great stylisation:thumbsup:


Dango…right… 'Woodroffe"…,my books have been packed away for long while.
I don’t often see a marbelized looking background and Patrick.W came to mind.
I love work this whimsical and free looking.
It has a great sense of balance.
Greatest luck to all the Gang then.~hoot hoot.
:cool: :cool:stuff.


…superb artwork again R.T. :thumbsup: :applause:



my favorite artist .This is real ART!


A mix of old style and new style= new concept design:applause::applause:. This is beautifull.:scream:


Very beautiful. Great job. 5 stars. :thumbsup:


Amazing style… I never tire of exploring this image. There’s so much to discover! Genious.

Congrats! :applause:


Indeed fantastic. Very rich in detail.


it’s a nice work but it gives me a freaky feeling…