TERMINATOR 4: The Future Begins, Vasiliy Drozdov (3D)


Title: TERMINATOR 4: The Future Begins
Name: Vasiliy Drozdov
Country: Russia
Software: 3ds max, Brazil r/s

Here is My fan art for Terminator 4 upcoming movie, the fist name of this image “Terminator TX - Skynet wars” was changed to original working title “Terminator 4: The Future Begins”.

This model I`m made for own High polygonal and visualization experience. All this scene has been modelled and rendered in 3DSMAX with Brazil R/s. For Fire FX used Afterburn plugin.

scene poly weight ~ 1,200,000 polygons.


OH MY GOD best termintor i have ever seen


This reminds me of Iron Maiden artwork. It has that airbrushed sort of look. Perhaps it’s to do with the fog and the muted colours. I like it. Personally I found the design of the Terminator in Sarah Connor Chronicles to be a bit ungainly. Here’s hoping T4 is a good one!


pretty cool work :slight_smile:


That looks kool, taht makes me want to watch terminator again


Thanks All, for comments.


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