Terminator 2 - HK Tank, Simon Joyce (3D)


Title: Terminator 2 - HK Tank
Name: Simon Joyce
Country: United Kingdom
Software: 3ds max, mental ray, Photoshop

I built this model for the CGS Hardcore modelling challenge. It’s a Cyberdyne Systems HK model 250/F seen in the film Terminator 2.
The entire process of modelling, texturing and compositing in Photoshop took approximately four week to complete.

Given the limited reference material available, i feel that its turned out quite well .


said it before during the challenge and i’ll say it again…
beautifull work Simon :thumbsup:



What a fantastic image! Thats one bad @#$ dude, it makes me wanna go watch the movies…

I love the scene and camera angle you ended up with. Why not show off the other version too???



thanks both of you for your comments.

As John suggested this is the alternative version of the above scene …

link to hi res


My vote for Best Diorama wasn’t whistlin’ dixie man; this model and the whole scene around it came out great :slight_smile: When I finally sat back and took in the progress you’d made to the background from where it first started, I was really blown away.

May all your projects come out (at least) as well as this one!


Since your first foray around the 3d world forums you’ve improved a lot. (a1m1m25 btw) This has turned out very smart. Always liked the designwork in T2. It’s still one of my favourite movies. :wink:


That looks pretty cool. Neat concept.


thanks for your comments guys … I appreciate it …


this is really nice, i prefer your original version with the darker hue


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