Tentacle rig : How to enable collisions ?


Hi there.
I need a bit of help on a rig I’m working on currently. I’ve been asked for a lovecraftian monster for a short film and, as you guessed, it’s full of tentacles.

So far I’ve developped two types of rig for the tentacles :

  • One driven by a splineIK (for fully manual animation, this is reserved for the main tentacles)

  • One with procedural animation (for the lots of little various tentacles that jiggles)

The problem is that the monster is contained in a realy small space, so the tentacles have to interract with the walls and themselves (to avoid interpenetration). If I can handle that directly in the animation for the spline driven one (I have full control over these), I don’t know how to make the rig of the procedural one, sensible to collisions, so they don’t pass throught themselves and the walls.

To be more precise the script I’ve used to make the procedural tentacles is this one > http://sinok.gr/2012/images/tools2/tentacles.zip

Any ideas ? Thanks !


What you are looking at are dealing with sims and this is something that you dont’ want to be doing if you want to be able to animate them by hand. Usually we just make sure that things don’t pass through each other and fake it. I would think that writing all sorts of hit testing would be possible to counter any animation that you have done but that would be a hell of a lot of work in Max Script or C++.


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