Tenderness (nudity), Olga Antonenko (2D)


Title: Tenderness (nudity)
Name: Olga Antonenko
Country: Russia
Software: Photoshop

The image was painted in photoshop for the “tenderness” chalenge on russian cgtalk.

Hope u liked it :slight_smile:

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wow. :surprised:

What an amazing painting - seriously. It is so romantic - you think you can really feel the love.

I salute to you.


Woha! I absolutely love it… image is so soft and sensual… 5stars from me :smiley:


I really adore this! Their expressions are lovely and the skin looks so smooth and soft. The lighting is awesome too. <3


WOW…fantastic colors…!:thumbsup:


The lighting is especially awesome. I really like this. Nice work! :thumbsup:


Tigrenka, it’s more than great painting.
Picture is lovely and full of feelings.

Поздравляю с победой на CGTalk.ru!


WHOA! thats is fantastic…instant 5star:D


This is so beautiful. Very well done, can’t think of anything to critique so 5 stars from me.


That is the goddamned BEST digital painting ive seen in months…

Frickin incredible work - such a nice atmosphere, perfect proportions and anatomy. Brilliant lighting and tonal work too. It really provokes emotions.

6 stars!

I really hope you get a choice award for this - its just stunning

Those cartoon backgrounds on your website are amazing too - i really hope to see more work by you around here!



lovely illust…
keep it up ur work…


Captivating, point blank {PLUGGED}



amazing, but i wonder, where is she lookin?


omg… Awesome work man

6 Stars


omg… Awesome work man

6 Stars alright


Amazing piece of art!
Прекрасно !


Stunning work!
Man, just when I think I’m getting good, I see work like yours…
Such a beautiful piece. It really says alot. Love the lighting and the way it plays across the lovers.
I also checked out your website. I love your stylized cartoon backgrounds. Please, post your work as often as possible. Truly inspiring!
Five stars from me.


I’m in love with this piece. Beautiful.


brilliant piece of work,a superb job!



great work. you pulled off the mood perfectly, and without going over the top. i love this piece