Ten Keys of the World


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koodoowws man,good luck to u.


Ancient Times. World is ruled by ten great warlords each resting in his fortified unconquerable city. Whoever holds the keys to these cities rules the world. Meet the Holder of the Ten keys, the new master of the world.

started modeling character


@AbsorbentGhost thanks man!


final lp


Hey Myers,
That is an interesting title to your image and I look forward to how you show the Master of the world holds all the 10 keys to the cities. Good start to your character .


Hi mmoir, im thinking of him as real brute something like this http://creaturefxinc.com/cfx/images/300-uber-giant2.jpg

good luck to you to.


nice model m8!


thank you, high poly is coming next week probably


hey guys,
i have small technical question if someone could help. when I finish high poly of my character im planing to export low poly back to max and apply normal map. my low poly will have circa 7000 polygons. I wonder if this mesh resolution with normal map is enough and will look good with image resolution 2500 pixels. I did some research, and every artist is using different approach, some use models with tens of thousand polygons + normal map, some use gamish 10000 - 20000 resolution + nm. any advices ? thanks


high poly version


Yeah, he is definitely taking on the role of a brute. Good work!


If it´s ok with you, I could do a paintover with some suggestions about anatomy.
Pretty good sculpt overall!


@JWRodegher: hi, if you want to you can, but im going with this one, because I alredy baked it and started to skining it :wink:
its based on bodyboulders overexposed proportions, and my goal was mix of fat and muscle, not necessarily athletic ideal or classical musculature. either way all muscles should be correctly connected and placed, with fantasy modifications.


Sounds interesting, What will be show in the final image?

I can’t have the images large, can you upload them to another site?



@dumdumdum: hey, in the final image, armored character will be staying on some destroyed gate architecture, like after bombardment. In right hand he will hold long spear with his banner waving behind him, on left hand showing to the camera he will be holding key ring with ten different keys, some of them standard some of them exotic. maybe some smoke effects behind him as he left all ten cities burned to the ground during his campaign.
PS if you want to see full resolution just open it in separate tab…


He looks massive, as it should be. good job.

I can see some hard edges on the model, I think it need to be fixed, on his ass,nose and lips.

the veins looks really cool, just an idea, on the final image maybe add some rage to his eyes and face, like his just finished the last combat.


yes, youre right, but this could be fixed on normal map :wink: also im concentrating on finishing this one in time so i think im not going to work on things that wont be visible on final render (ass :slight_smile: but thanks for feedback


Oh I see, so the back isn’t going to be visible? Or I got it wrong? I still think the front could use some more work fixing a bit of anatomy. Though I appreciate the fact that the character doesn’t have that sort of “perfect” build, but instead looks like a block of muscle and then some fat.

I could make some suggestions on the face as well. It would be cool to see a sketch of the piece, or is it gonna be video?


hi, its going to be still render, and Im not working according to sketch, its just in my head :wink: