Temple Ruins Mech


I am very happy to find this forum - emotion is my weakest skill in art (closely followed by posing and composition - also quite weak!)

This image is quite typical - fairly interesting content and a nice finish but devoid of action, emotion or purpose. I want to change the two female characters to give add some story and emotion to the scene - and will almost certainly remove their masks to show some facial expressions, as well as giving them poses (rather than the flat standing pose they currently have)

Ideally I would make the image say “exciting and mysterious exploration by talented scouts”.

I am looking forward to your ideas!


great mech, the human looks very out of place though, as though they are shot at a different viewpoint from eachother, also it looks like the humans is nearly as big as the mech because there is a distinct seperation between the humans and the rest of the scene. the texturing on the root looks a bit pixelated, perhaps needs to be reworked, the right half of the image minus human looks very nice, it just seems like you have a few compositional issues on the left side… hope that helps and great job so far :slight_smile:


You are correct, there is no apparent story, no event, nothing to tie the parts together. Perhaps if you clarify that inside yourself, the rest will flow.

The first thing I noted: Absence of a focal point - nothing is sharp. The mech is big, but does not stand out.

The individual “parts” of the scene don’t go together, i.e.: the Mech does not stand in the scene. He looks placed in it. He is static, yet his stance would not hold - his left foot is not “on” the floor, there isn’t enough room/area behind it. His weight does not appear to be supported.

The individual to the Mech’s left has a halo (slight grayish line/glow) around her. Where she is standing in relation to the light source would cast a different lighting on, around and in front of her. For her positioning, she is too distinct and in light. My communications skills are poor, and I hope you understand my meaning.

This is a good beginning.

Looking forward to see the progress.


I have the feeling I was trying to pack too much modelling into a single image without letting one element take central stage.

I am trying to think of more active poses for all the characters involved rather than just standing there!

Mmm… I am trying to see the image as a still frame from an action sequence with the characters exploring the temple. I think they need to be surprised on discovering something - or have some similar dramatic moment unfolding.


Camera angle & Shot composition

For pretty much any good still image, you need to start with foreground, middle ground and background. Have a look at some National Geographic magazines and see how professional photographers compose their shots.

I recommend you use a low angle shot to enhance the size of the mech. Then maybe have the two humans crouched over, examining something in the foreground. The mech and the temple would then be the middle ground, and finally maybe another temple (silhouetted) on an image plain in the distant background.

You can then use depth of field to blur out the humans and the background, and enhance the mech.

Hope this helps


Maybe you can add some drama to the image by simply turning the girl nearest the mech around toward the bot and put her hand on it’s knee and make her look up at him. You can take the other woman and recess her a bit more into the shadows but instead of being smack dab in the middle of the roots, she can be peering out of the shadows looking at the other woman.

Creates an instant love triangle – not to insinuate that the woman is having an affair with a mech, but maybe it’s driver if one exists, but maybe she does have some close connection to the mech that isn’t sexual but does still equate to love.

Just throwing some thoughts out there.

Good start. Let’s see the progress!



Ya… don’t see the relationship between the mech and the humans. They all seem to be standing there for a pose before they get back to what they are doing. You could draw a chain from the neck of the human to the mech and show the human grabbing the chain, bent slightly over backwards to give the idea of a struggle between the chain, the mech, and the human. Just a thought.


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