TELL US: Who are the BEST Comic Book/ Comic Strip Artists?


Alex Ross!
His work on Kindom Come was amazing, and it still blows me away everytime i open it.

I love Adam hughes line work. Great style with the thick outlines, yet the details come out so perfectly.


please someone tell me geof darrow (hard Boiled, City of fire, Burbon threat, Big Guy) is included in this list because I am sorry you dont get much better then that. Also John Foster who is one hell of a artist.
I almost forgot
Dave Mckean-everything he does
Simon bisley-lobo, melting pot, slain
Seth fisher-green lantern-will world and the flash
Ashley wood-batman
Travis Charest-wildcats, dream shifters


Mental Note Press: Hoax [b]

[/b]A friend who is a medical illustrator contributes to this comic. Very graphic stuff.


awww god, hit a weak spot here, I can go on for hours:
top of my head…

Jodorowsky/Moebius for Inkal and the later for everything he has done!
Milo Manara
Enki Bilal
Hugo Pratt
Jim Davis
Everyone on Lucifer Morningstar
Roy Tomas/Barry Winsdor Smith for Conan
Grzegorz Risiniski for Thorgal
Arkas <— check out the greek export. LOL
Moriss mainly for Lucky Luke
Everyone for the League of Extraordinary Gentlemen
Katsuhiro Otomo
Kyoko Mizuki/Yumiko Igarashi
Jordi Bernet/Carlos Trillo et Maicas for Clare de la nuit
Carl Barks (when i was petit :rolleyes:)
James O’ Bar
David Mack Kabuki is just great! I just discovered he s working on a Kabuki film we hee!

Right, there loads more but I can’t think of anything else at the mo…And my collection is back home in Athens :frowning:



This thread is great! In no particular order:
Travis Charest
Enki Bilal
Bill Sienkeiwicz
Serpieri (Druunna)
Adam Hughes
Alex Maleev
ALex Ross (mainly for technique. Bit sick of seeing ‘middle-aged’ superheroes!)
Dave Dorman
Gabrielle Del’otto (sp?)
Bryan Hitch
Carlos Ezquerra
Mike McMahon (Drew Judge Dredd when I was growing up)
Windsor McKay
Jim Steranko
Jack Kirby

…to name but a few!


John Romita Jr. (Spider-Man)
Ron Frenz (Spider-Girl)
Art Adams (X-Men, Longshot)
Bret Blevins (New Mutants)
Bill Sienkeiwicz (New Mutants)
Salvador Larocca (X-Men)
John Bryne (X-Men, Fantastic Four, She-Hulk)
George Perez (Avengers)
Mike Allred (Madman, X-Statix)
Frank Quitely (New X-Men)
Kaare Andrews (Spider-Man, Gen13)
Mark Silvestri (X-Men)
Mike Wieringo (Fantastic Four)
Bob McLeod (New Mutants)
Steve Ditko (Spider-Man, Speedball)
Alan Davis (Excalibur)
Bryan Hitch (Ultimates, She-Hulk)
Alex Ross (Kingdom Come, Earth X, Universe X, Paradise X)


no Alvin Lee/ Arnold Tsang love?


Vaughn Bode’

Mark Bode’

Aaron McGruder

Bill Waterson


A lot of my favs are already on the listings…
alex ross
dave Mckeane
joh cassaday
chris bacchalo
sam kieth
humberto ramos
john romita jr.
frank miller
tim sale
mike mignola
i dunno if i missed but why isnt the name


being seen
i love this guys scratchy & moody feel… just awesome…pick electra assasin & ull fall in love…
im deeply pained not see his name in…
cheers for having such a thread… refreshes the mind…


Paul Pope is a pretty awsome comic book artist:


i really like matt wagner especially the grendel saga…by far my favourite comic book…

i also really like Régis Loisel


Most of these are “old masters” and I tried not to repeat anyone already mentioned:

Comic book artists:
Neal Adams
Al Williamson
Wally Wood
Jack Davis
Steve Ditko
Gray Morrow
Richard Corben
M.W. Kaluta
Harvey Kurtzman
Katsuhiro Otomo

Comic Strips:
Milton Caniff
Hal Foster
Alex Raymond
E.C. Segar
Stan Drake
Pat Sullivan
George Herriman
Burne Hogarth
Al Capp

and everyone else :slight_smile: Here’s a good listing:



Hmm,I’m sorry to hear that comic book colorists aren’t quite seen as artists.I’d also include the inkers but they’re a lot harder to define who is really good and who’s not,because they’re work is so dependent of the penciler.But I think the comic book colorists are becoming more n more important not only to the looks but also to the storytelling.And if that’s not enough,somebody tell me Jim Lee’s work has ever looked better before being colored by Alex Sinclair,in Batman:Hush.Another great example is Humberto Ramos colored by Edgar Delgado.Not to forget legendary Brian Haberlin and his Avalon Studios!Liquid inevitably springs to mind,also.But I guess I made my point so I’ll leave all the other great names for someone else to point.
As for other artists that I didn’t see named,I’d add(and really advise everybody to take a look at they’re work cuz it just rocks like crazy):

Juan Bobillo-Bird
Massimiliano Frezzato-I Custodi del Maser
Juanjo Guarnido-Blacksad
Barbucci and Canepa-Sky Doll

P.S.Still on the topic of the colorists,here’s a link to a great article about colorist/color artists:


You make a good point, ShinobiXXX. Comic books are a colaborative effort of several artists; although, some have been known to ruin the pencils too. Many great inkers are not so hot when you see them inking their own layouts. I tried to list artists who do great work in all aspects. Neal Adams is a great artist in many areas, but his coloring is poor. My favorite artist known for his coloring is Dave Stewart of “Conan” and “Hellboy.”



I agree with you,dbclemons,when you say:

although, some have been known to ruin the pencils too
There’s a lot more artistry to coloring comics,nowadays.Long are the days that every comic book was pretty much flat.Thankfully the technology allows colorists to a much better work than ever before but it doesn’t mean that it is easier.There’s a lot more skill and knowlegde to it,not only about anatomy,lighting,color,stoytelling,etc.,but also about the tools,computers and programs.So I think it’s a bit ridiculous that colorists ,most times,still are perceived as they were 15 or 20 years ago both creditwise and and paymentwise.
Of course,that may just be me,being an aspiring comic book colorist…:slight_smile:


Frank Fazetta (best of all time IMHO)
Hal Foster
Alex Raymond
Jack Kirby
Reed Crandall
Angelo Torres
Mike Kaluta
Gray Morrow

The list is endless… Comics are highly disciplined work; it takes true committment to work successfully in that field.


I’ll keep it short:

Frank Frazetta
John Buscema
Walt Simonson

J Scott Campbell
Cary Nord
Al Rio
Mark Silvestri

Goseki Kojima
Hioraki Samura


Head on over to and choose for yourself.


[There’s a lot more skill and knowlegde to it,not only about anatomy,lighting,color,stoytelling,etc.,but also about the tools,computers and programs.So I think it’s a bit ridiculous that colorists ,most times,still are perceived as they were 15 or 20 years ago both creditwise and and paymentwise.

that is true but in my opinion the blame also lies inthe colourists who seem to insist of keeping things in a sort odf a standstill zone being satisfied with average fill and render tricks. i guess the problem also lies in the concept of the teamwork. sometimes the vanity of a single teammember can degrade the quality of the comic. in this way sometimes inker is just a tool to boss around the colourust to keep everything within the vanits limits of the penciler.only when there exists trust between penciler and a colorist something amazing can be created. but hey dont get me wrong im not saying inkers are bad i personally saw some who upgraded pencilers work vastly and in a way they operated on trust. here is an example of a penciler-colorist trust


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