Ted Oscar Presentation


I know this is pretty old news but for some reason I keep thinking about how they did it. I couldn’t really find anything in the search archive about how they did the Ted Presentation at the Oscars. I guess that’s because most the discussion was how FX Artists got silenced. Anyway, I found a sort of making of on youtube here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DScaFNW3DLg

I know in the making of the FX team created a digital double of the Oscar stage but the thing that still lies unanswered is if this was all staged beforehand what did the live audience at the Oscars actually see? Doesn’t look like there was a hologram live on stage for the audience so was it shown on the giant screen that Shatner appeared on earlier? So the audience is basically watching a screen of a fake Oscar stage above the actual Oscar stage? So basically there was no one there live to actually give out the Oscar? I’m just trying to figure this out. Did Mark Wahlberg actually present at the Oscars or was that all filmed earlier?


Wait… Ted’s not real… Well that’s sad news.


It looks like there might have been a hologram… Because Ted just has to stand on that stool.
So it’s not unfeasible.

They didn’t seem to use any of the 10 “winner animations” they took for Ted.



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