Techniques: VFX


Why is there no FX forum in the techniques group?

Since fx artists span more software, plugins and scripts than most other areas of CG it is surprising that there is no software independent forum focussing on VFX.


FX or VFX? Your thread is a little unclear about which one you’re talking about. If FX, I’d say it’s a little too niche for a dedicated sub forum here; FX artists can use the appropriate software forum. If VFX, personally I’d say it’s unnecessary to have a dedicated forum for it, as we already have forums dedicated to the most popular disciplines within it.


I’m talking about fx that you look at with your eyes so yeah Vfx.

What are the most popular disciplines within it? Cloth, Particles, Fire, Fluid, Hair… I don’t see any of those forums either


You are talking about FX, not VFX.

VFX is visual effects; it’s an umbrella term covering the entire process of creating digital elements for compositing onto live footage, and spreads across multiple disciplines, from matchmoving and roto, to modelling, texturing, lookdev, lighting, rigging, groom, DMP, FX, animation, compositing, etc. We already have forums covering the most popular of these disciplines.

As I already said, we already have software forums that anyone can use for whatever they’re doing their FX work in, but FX is too niche of a discipline to warrant its own dedicated forum here. We used to have a Houdini forum (one of the most popular FX apps), and it was barely used so we removed it. We don’t create forums unless there’s a significant demand for them, I’m afraid, and we simply don’t have demand for a dedicated FX forum. Artists using Max or Maya for their FX work can simply use those software forums.