Technique Question


now i’ve searched about this all over the web but i couldn’t find exactly what i was looking for (neither in photoshop or corel painter).

how would you put more than one color on a brush? i don’t mean a gradient overlay on layer i already painted, i want the same gradient in every single brush stroke. as if you use one color on one end of the brush, and a different color on the other end; so that you get two (or more) colors with every brush stroke (on the same layer)?

i know i could do each brush stroke on a separate layer and apply the gradient on that, but that would take forever to do for each stroke! :sad:


This is what you can do in painter 11:

Open the mixer window, and use the brush there to block inn some colors, and blend them with the “Mix color” brush (looks like a palette knife). When you have the gradient your looking for you just use “Sample Multiple Colors”, and eyedrop the gradient you just made, make sure you set the correct brushsize because this determines how large the selected area of your eyedrop will be. Just experiment and you’ll find the correct size.

Then find a brush that supports this color choice for instance some oil brushes and paint ahead. You might need to tweak some settings on some of the brushes depending on what you want. But for my purpose a modified “Flat Oils” brush worked nicely :slight_smile:

Hope this helps!


In addition to Xikura’s very elaborate reply which will give a more natural brush mixed tip effect, Painter for years has the “Grad Pen”, where any gradient can become your brush tip and do exactly what OP is looking for even though in a less organic and natural way that what th mixer does.


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