Tease tease tease, Serge Birault (2D)


Title: Tease tease tease

Name: Serge Birault

Country: Canada

Software: Photoshop

Submitted: 13th July 2016


This is awesome. More please. is this a photo retouch or do you have a sketch build series?


This is awesome ! You have good eye for beauty and the perfect render style :slight_smile:


Nice, what did you do to make the digitized explosion background?


wow the rendering quality is so good.
looks almost 3d, but I’d say this painting looks better than a 3d render for sure.

shes hot btw.


I can’t believe that this is drawn!


Amazing work. I´d trust her :slight_smile:


Nice nice nice :buttrock:


Those buttons under a tight corset, aaimaaii… that’s no bikini for her for a few days. :thumbsup:


Incredible workand such a trusting thumbs up


looking very good i like it


Very nice work !


I really do like it, but my eye went to the rather masculine, largish, hands right away. I think just a touch of slim, feminine stylizing is in order. Great piece!