tearing something apart


hi all,
i need some suggestions & tips.
i need to make an animation of a flexible structure (imagine elastic materials or muscle fibers) and once they need to tear apart. so i’m wondering how to achieve this animation. let’s talk only about one fiber. in the end the jag/ rip should be seen, so it’s not a clean “cut” but has details. something like this: http://www.ferak-idee.de/ferak-2001/holz/holz_ei1.jpg
look at the bottom-part of this dark structure.

so i’d like to know what the best solution would be to animate it, first a “health-state” then dragging it out and then it would tear apart because of too much force and those jags/ rips would be seen.

i’m using xsi, but perhaps you have non-specific software suggestions & tips as well.


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