Tear off palette creation


Anybody know how to make an existing drop down menu into a tear off ‘able’ one?

The drop down in question is the Edit > Quick Select Sets one. (Maya 4.5 if its different in 5 now) I hate having to go through that procedure to pick a set and even right clicking the set in the outliner then selecting set members is cumbersome. It would be nice if that skinny menu could just sit in front of me for one click access. I tried that script from Highend called selectionWizard.mel which isn’t bad, but found that its a bit confusing for what it needs to do at times. (BTW if you have tried it what does the INT button do?)

Anybody have any ideas to try or other scripts that they use for selection set management? Maybe I’ll just play with the selectionWizard.mel script and see what comes of it…

Thanks for your time


Theres a bug in Maya that will make torn off menus not work if new items are added to the menu while Maya is running. This is the reason the quickSelectset menu cant be torn off.

If you do want to do it, andf won’t be adding any quickSelectSets during the Maya session, open the script C:\Program Files\AliasWavefront\Maya5.0\scripts\startup\buildEditMenu.mel

Edit the line
string $menu = menuItem -label "Quick Select Sets" -sm true selectCharItem;

so that it says

string $menu = menuItem -tearOff 1 -label "Quick Select Sets" -sm true selectCharItem;


CaptainSam…That was a great response, thank you for your reply…



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