Teapots Having A Shower, Keytoon Animation Studio (3D)


Title: Teapots Having A Shower
Name: Keytoon Animation Studio
Country: Espana
Software: (Other), 3ds max, After Effects

Hi again! :slight_smile:

I worked in this scene about 4 days…and my teapots in another adventure xD .
I used the maxwell render, real flow and after effects.

I hope you liked :slight_smile:

jonatan | sytron


another great image done by you and the incredible soft Maxwell render…

nice concept and realy good photo…i am not sure about the 2cv.perhaps the color or the motion blur ( with the Mblur, its like the car go back in the street ), i dont know

Amazingggg:eek: :thumbsup:


Haha…great! Very cool idea!


nice image and idea. i like it.
Leaves in the sunny side of the road seem a bit strange to me. like some artificial over saturated glow or glare. but hate to mention details from the background when the key is not there.
just curious about the way of modeling the trees. could you share?
nice work.




Wow… good job! :thumbsup:


Hehe what a delightfully bizarre idea for a subject! But I do like it :slight_smile: Nice lighting and shading.


very nice. the teapots remind me of pigeons. I can see them moving just from the picture.


Ok, muy bueno pero cuanto tiempo tomĂł el render?

No tengo nada contra el software solo que tarda siglos.


Amazing!..I´m a big fan of your works Sytron…I think you have a nice style…I´m waiting for your following work.



Hello again!:smiley:

Thanks for all your comments!!:love:
The image has been rendered with the new beta of maxwell (1.2.1), I have used sss, glossies, dof, real motion blur, dielectric shaders, skydome and emitter…and the image to 500x800 has had a time to render of 25min ( dual xeon 3ghz ). After I made an image to 1250x2000 and it take 5h, I believe that it is a very good time since it does not have anything of noise.
And the idea of the image is that the teapots were like pigeons, jeje I am glad that you like the idea.

And now I teach 3 to you images, regions of the hi-res image, wire and the image is at 50% of original size.

jonatan | sytron


Fantastic! So realistic materials, textures, lighting and rendering.


i like the idea a lot, worth a plug :slight_smile:


Yeaaah :thumbsup:
Another incredible render as usual Sytron! I love the texture work :love:
Can’t wait to see your next scene finished :thumbsup:
Maxwell powah!:buttrock:


[b]ahhahha… really good, and funny too:)

Incredible quality:thumbsup:


Wonderful idea for a scene and excelent execution too!


superb image quality… textures and lighing are perfectly photo-real.


Pretty good, I like the render quality and the composition but one thing that would make this even better is adding splash coming off the main teapot under the water. Adding water droplets to the teapots would tie them into the image better and give it a better overall sense of realism. Two more things I noticed. The sprinkler bucket is unrealistically hanging from that water sprout. I don’t think it would balance well on that kind of curved surface angle. Also the trees look too thick in the branches and remind me more of a cactus with a tree shape. I definately think thinner branches would look better. Grats on front page, it’s a cool image.


Wow you almost got me there. I thought well those teapots are nicely composited in…but then I read that all of it was actually 3D! Awsome quality in all aspects of that render.



well! I thought except for the teapots rest are real!!! :slight_smile: a wonderful piece of work Sytron! you inspire me to try out maxwell…! probably should try that soon. And to remark, lighting and texuring was really fantastic…it looks real!

thanks for sharing! :slight_smile: