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R14 projects are winding down for me, so I thought I give Team Render a try.
The scene is nothing special, some Mograph & GI (Preset).
I used the Stage Object to manage 4 camera views so frames 0-3 were created.
Setup: 2 Clients + Server. Client machine 1 is an i7 3930K and Client machine 2 is an i7 2600K . Server Machine is another i7 3930K.
First I rendered frame 0 by itself and got a render time of 5:38.
Then rendered all the frames and frame 0 render time was 13:26.
So I re-rendered Frame 0 again, by itself and got a render time of 5:38 again.
Final note: when I rendered all the frames, frame 0 got rendered last.

I used Team Render to do all the rendering. Any ideas of what is going on?


if you render one frame with TR it gets processed by all computers. if you render a animation the frames get rendered by one client each.

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>if you render a animation the frames get rendered by one client each.<
That is unfortunate. So for multi-view stills, I will have to “baby sit” the job
if I want all machines to work one each image.



Use the Render Queue if you want to DR multiple still images. Just make sure to check the Team box for the scenes you drop in there;)



I will try that.

Many Thanks.


It won’t help, also with the render queue it will break up each image. I even tried to set the render settings to a manual frame sequence of one frame. DR is not always the best solution, I met that too. When you’ve got several stills of the same project, in many cases rendering each still on it’s own machine is faster. It’s a pity you can’t tell TR not to use DR but to send each render job to another client.


I tried using Render Queue and checked each client. It seems that Team Render was still sending a different frame out to each client, so that was not a solution.

So for me, this remains as a critical flaw with Team Render.

Hopefully Maxon can fix this.

And I did post a feature request on the Maxon suggestion page.


Don’t use the stage object, don’t render an animation.
In the render queue, queue the same project and point to different cameras each time.
It should work properly, then.


That works!
And easy to set up.

Thanks fluffouille.


Ah , ok, I’m sorry, misunderstood your first post. You actually want to use DR.

Anyway, rendering a bunch of stills can be faster when you render them as an animation. Using DR for each image can take more time overall.


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